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Welding machine upgrading


    ADD welding machines upgrading
    DC315K (MMA) convertor

    The list of operations necessary for welding machines upgrading:

  • Substitution of the supporting frame with a frame with an integrated fuel tank
  • Substitution of the cover in order to make in more accessible
  • Substitution or capital repair of the engine
  • Substitution, rewinding or repair of the generator
  • Substitution of the standard distribution gear with and electronic module
  • Compensation with the DC315K welding convertor



DC315K technical specifications

Power supply voltage, V 45 - 90
Power consumption, kVA 12
Welding current, A 30 - 315
Air pressure, atm 3 - 6
Nominal operation conditions % 100
Operating temperatures range, *С From -40 to +40
Weight, kg 20

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