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Equipment for the petrochemical industry

Power consumption, kVA: 11. 

Complex for automatic orbital welding of non-rotating pipe joints with 18-45mm diameter.

Power consumption, kVA: 20. 

Set for semi-automatic welding and weld deposition in conditions of protective and active gases.

Units for automatic air plasma cutting of pipes and sheet products.

Flexible frost-proof cable set with a length up to 25m. 
Gazprom OAO catalogue.

Power consumption, kVA: 12.

Device for covered-electrode welding 250A, duty cycle=100%. Welding in a impulse mode. Magnetized pipes welding.

Power consumption, kVA: 25. 

Unit for manual air plasma cutting of metal with a thickness up to 40 mm.

Power consumption, kVA: 15.

Universal unit for argon arc welding with direct and alternating current using a covered electrode.

Power consumption, kVA: 20. 

Installation for automatic welding of pipes in the tube plates with a diameter of 20 mm to 80 mm.

Power consumption, kVA: 11.

Unit for manual argon arc welding and welding with a covered electrode using direct current.

Power consumption, kVA: 20.

Universal set for traditional mechanized welding and welding with a controlled drop-shifter (UKP).

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