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ARGO mobile workshop

     ARGO mobile workshop - is a special-purpose vehicle based of the KAMAZ chassis used for solution of a wide range of tasks on repair and maintenance of technical objects, such as the linear part of major and local distributional pipelines, compressor stations, etc.
     The mobile workshop (car workshop) is equipped with various systems designed for realization of repair and refurbishment works with pipelines.
     The mobile workshop is equipped with a diesel generator (up to 100kW capacity) which is used for repair, welding, cutting and selection of metal defects.
     The side-by-side position of the diesel-generator allows to use effectively the bode space for placement of a large number of equipment pieces. The convertible flaps-ladders provide convenient operation and an easy access to the equipment.




   KamAZ 43118 chassis
   6x6 driving model
   Engine nominal power – 260-280 hp.
   Draft gear
   Driver’s cabin with a sleeping berth

kamaz1 kamaz2 1



    Isothermal, container-type, made of 5-layer panels. Isolation – extruded foam board. Operating temperatures range from -40 to +40. It is separated into a working module and a technical module with a bar..

plan 1

Working module

    Equipped with racks for placement of various types of equipment. The exact list of the equipment depends of the repair goals.

Equipment designation


Applicable technologies

DC250.33 source Inverter, 250A current
Duty cycle=100%, digital indication, remote control device.
Energy consumption: 12 kVA
Welding with a covered electrode
Magnet flow compensation for welding of magnetized pipes
DC400.33M source with a supplying PM-4.33 Inverter, 500A current, duty cycle=100%, digital indication, remote control device, 4-roller feed device, energy consumption: 20 kVA Welding with a covered electrode
Mechanized welding with a complete or powder gas protection and self-shielding wires
DC120P.33 source Inverter, 120A current, duty cycle=100%, cut thickness up to 50mm, 40 kg, 25 kW Manual air-plasma cutting
Manual air-plasma gouging
UPR-2.4 pipe cutter Device for automatic cutting of Ø 325-1420 mm pipes. Guide belt motion. The device functions with the DC120P.33 source. Cut thickness is up to 50 mm. Automatic air-plasma cutting, “up-tp-the-bevel: cutting
UPR-2.3 pipe cutter Device for automatic cutting of Ø 219-1620 mm pipes. Guide belt motion. The device functions with the DC120P.33 source. Cut thickness is up to 50 mm. Automatic air-plasma cutting, “up-tp-the-bevel: cutting
UPR-2.4S STRIZH complex Complex for automatic selection of defects of the welded seam and surface defects of Ø 325-1420 mm pipes. Functions with the DC 120P.33 source. Automatic air-plasma gouging. Welded seam defects gouging. Stress-corrosion defects gouging.
DC315AU.33 “Argo” source with the supplying source. Inverter, 315A current, duty cycle=100%, welding wire automatic feed, impulse mode, energy consumption: 13 kVA Mechanized argon arc welding – slagless process for root passes welding. Welding with a covered electrode.
TT584 device Device for a manual plasma cleaning of pipes and metal structures from various protective coatings under field conditions. Power consumption: 4 kVA Local isolation cleaning
Additional equipping Withdrawable electrode containers
Oven for electrode drying
Induction heating units
Drums with a welding cable placed within pockets.
Compressor and dryer for air-plasma cutting

ro 1 ro2 1

Technical module

    This module is equipped with racks. On the left and right sides there are withdrawable lodgments, pallets, boxes placed on metal wheels. It is also equipped with containers for placement of additional equipment and gas bottles. The additional equipment may include a welding tent, angle grinders, drill, centralizers, tape for the cutting line marking, straps, etc.

kamaz3 1 generator 1

    The technical module also contains a diesel power station with a capacity up to 100 kW equipped with a starting preheater placed crosswise of the body. The standard workshop is equipped with the Coelmo power station.

Generator technical specifications

Power station model FDT45 TM3
Nominal power 125 kVA/100 kW
Reserve power 138 kVA/110 kW
Input voltage 230V/400V
Number of phases 3 phases
Fuel consumption at 75% load 16.2 l/hour
Fuel tank capacity 400 l
Engine FPT-Iveco (Italy)
Alternating current generator Mecc Alte (Italy)

Attached implements.

    A telescoping mast with projector units (4 pcs/500w) are placed on the front part of the body. The KGZx2.5 50 m coil with a network cable used for connection to an external power source is placed in a box under the body – 1 piece.

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