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DC 200A.33

    DC 200А.33 – is an inverter device for tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), as well as for manual metal arc welding (MMA) with electrode diameter up to 4 mm, in continuous and pulse modes at currents up to 200A.

    DC 200А.33 is indispensable for works which require high efficiency, consistency of operation, and the highest weld quality. Due to its versatility and technological parameters the device is perfectly suitable for manufacturing, assembling and repairing.

    DC 200А.33 is known for its reliability and quality, incorporating the latest in specialty welding technology. The ability to digitally program all welding parameters makes for ease of operation unparalleled in the industry.

    Functional Capabilities

  • Power supply from current mains and from independent power generators.
  • Mode of contact and non-contact arc ignition at low current
  • Continuous and pulse operating modes
  • Two-cycle and four-cycle operating modes
  • Operating modes memory
  • Microprocessor control
  • Arc focusing mode
  • Adjustable time of current build-up and current decline after the weld. Gradual current build-up is essential for electrode consumption reduction and weld starting place protection, while gradual current decline prevents cratering
  • Welding current adjustment with remote control ±25 of pre-set
  • Current and voltage control memorywith use of digital display, gas-flow rate control with rotameter.
  • Ignition currentadjustment allows one to set the rate at which the sustainable arc ignition is achieved while preventing burning-through at the starting place of the weld.
  • Gas blow prior to weld and welding bath blow-off after the weld provides maximum protection of the welding bath.

PULSE MODE is irreplaceable for the heat input process and welding bath solidification control. Pulse mode usage:

  • simplifies work of the welding operator when welding light gauge workpieces,
  • allows welding in different spatial positions,
  • bates demands for welding operator skills, e.g. for welding vertical and overhead welds.

Pulse mode availability makes it possible to adjust the time and current of the pulse, as well as time and current of the standby; allows to control depth of penetration and metal solidification rate over wide range while welding pipes and metal constructions in different positions. Pulse current duration and magnitude is chosen to ensure the weld penetration, but prevent the burn-through of the material. During the standby current time the welding bath should cool down and solidify partially at the arcing current as low as practicable. With the help of pulse mode it’s possible to achieve arc penetration capability without any risk of burn-throughs and to get larger amount of built-up metal per time unit. It helps to simplify the single-pass welding technology and root pass performance for multilayer welding of pipes and metal constructions without backing straps even when the assembly tolerance is more excessive than during the ordinary welding process. At the same time efficiency of the welding process increases and weld formation improves. It allows to get welds with smooth outlines and fine ripple, corresponding with the chosen mode of arc pulsation.

MODULATION MODE (arc focusing mode) allows to focus the arc to the fullest degree, which enables to control direction of movement and the size of the welding spot more accurately. This mode stabilizes the arc cone and reduces wandering as well, which allows to simplify angle joints welding.

    DC 200A.33allows to perform welding with manual electrode (MMA mode) with up to 4 mm in diameter in continuous and pulse modes.
In this mode the devise has the antistick feature and blank run voltage limitation up to 12V

Automatic cutoff is provided for overheating, one of supply voltage phases failure or decrease of supply voltage by more than 15%. Supply characteristics do not depend on supply mains voltage oscillations.

DC 200А.33 has a two-year factory warranty and can be supplied with NAKS primary qualification certificate.
The device is certified by Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies – GAZPROM VNIIGAZ and is recommended for “...operation indoors in compliance with climate conditions УХЛ3.1 on ОАО Gazprom sites”.

Supply voltage, V 380 ,+10% -15%
Power consumption, kVA, not more than 11
Welding ampere rating (continuously variable), A 5 - 200
Discrecity of welding current regulation, A 1
Mode of arc excitation contact and non-contact
Operating mode continuous and pulse
Modulation frequency in argon arc mode, Hz 300 ± 10
Typical operation of a duty cycle, % (at +40ºС) 100
Operating temperature range, ºС
    In argon arc mode
     In coated electrode mode

from - 20 to + 40
from - 40 to + 40
Weight, kg 27
Overall dimensions, mm 220х431х564


DC 200A.33 device

TIG torch

Ground cable

Power cable with electrode holder

Remote control




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