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UAST-1 automatic welding of pipelines

    UAST-1 is the automatic welding unit of pipe couplings used for automatic welding of pipelines from minimum 219 mm diameter to unlimited maximum, as well as for line welds in any positional attitude.

  • The unit is meant for use:
        - in factory (workshop) conditions,
        - at the temperature range from -40ºС to +40ºС.
  • Welding may be carried out with the use of the following wires:
        - solid (СВ08Г2С, L-56 or other) in CO2 or gas mixtures,
        - flux-cored (FilArc, FluxoFil or other) in CO2 or gas mixtures,
        - self-shielding (Innershield or other).
  • The unit is used for welding of pipes with:
        - diameter from 325mm,
        - strength class up to К65.
  • The unit may be used in the following combinations: 
        - Welding of all runs with solid wire СВ08Г2С in CO2. Applicable only for pipes not thicker than 10-12mm.
        - Welding of the root run with solid wire СВ08Г2С in CO2. Welding of the rest runs with flux-cored wire of Tubrod type or other in gas Ar/CO2.
        - Welding of the root run with solid wire СВ08Г2С in CO2. Welding of the rest runs with self-shielding wire of Innershield type or other. 
        - Welding of the root run with a stick electrode. Welding of the rest runs with self-shielding wire of Innershield type or other. 
        - Welding of the root run with a stick electrode. Welding of the rest runs with flux-cored wire of Tubrod type or other in gas Ar/CO2.



Diameter range of welding pipes, mm from 325
GAST-1 welding head rotation speed, mm/sec 0,5 - 12
Electrode wire feed rate, mm/sec 16 - 200
Electrode wire diameter, mm 0,8 - 2,0
Welding torch oscillation amplitude , mm 0 - 20
Welding torch oscillation velocity, mm/sec 10 - 100
Oscillation hold-up on edges, sec 0 - 1,0
Weight, kg, not more than
    - the head
    - the control unit
    - the current source DC400.33 (DC400.33UKP)



  • High speed of welding  ≈ 40m/hour.
  • Automatic welding stability and lowered personnel qualification requirements. Worker is rather an operator than a welder.
  • High welding quality. High welding quality is achieved due to the stability and continuity of process, as well as use of special wires.
  • High deposition rate  ≈ 3,6 kg/hour. Automatic deposition rate is 2-3 times higher than that of hand arc welding.

UAST-1 unit consists of:

Welding head GAST-1 consists of the following elements:

    - spool with cased welding wire;
    - handles for mount and dismount of welding head;
    - control cable connections;
    - torch height control mechanism;
    - welding torch (4 kinds for different wires types);
    - electrode wire feeding mechanism;
    - welding torch transverse vibration mechanism which allows:
            vibration centering in the horizon line,
            while welding of pipelines on biases to 300;
    - 2 clamps for mounting on guiding belt;
    - torch tilt angle change mechanism;
    - switch for gas testing and wire feeding.


Control unit UAST serves to control:
    - welding head supply;
    - welding head rotary and oscillation drives;
    - electrode wire feed;
    - gas valve;
    - has proper connectors, including those for remote control.

Remote control station DU UAST is meant for control:
    - welding head rotation;
    - electrode feeding mechanism;
    - welding torch oscillation mechanism;
    - welding voltage rate;
    - has protective glass for welding process control.

Welding inverter source DC 400.33UKP - is meant for automatic and machine welding with pulsed spray transfer.
It provides welding of the root run with secure turning roll (PSUmode), as well as  welding of fill and cap passes in all positions with solid cross section wires, flux-cored, gas-shielding and self-shielding wires of  Innershield type.

Guiding belts provide welding head mounting and rotation round the pipe. Each pipe diameter requires appropriate belt.
    - Easy and convenient installation and fixation of belt on the pipe,
    - Long-life stainless steel construction.

Magnetic rail is designed for welding of long welds, e.g. when welding horizontal and vertical welds of tanks, weld hulls of ships and other structures.

Ground belt  serves to secure solid contact with a pipe.
    - Quick and easy fastening on a pipe.
    - Made of flexible cable with rubber insulation.

Layout of the welding works on UAST-1 unit  while pipelining.






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