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OKA - Automatic argon-arc pipe welding

    ОКА welding heads are meant for argon-arc welding of fixed pipe joints  from 18 mm to 220 mm in diameter with non-consumable electrode. OKA heads allow to increase production productivity, achieve welds of high quality in all attitude positions, even at rather low personnel qualification.



    Functional capabilities

  • Easy and fast installation on the pipe;
  • High productivity and quality of welding;
  • Filler wire feed mechanism;
  • welding torch transverse oscillation mechanism;
  • Arc length automatic control system.

OKA welding heads specification.

Name of welding head Pipes diameter range, mm Rotary Filler wire feed drive Welding torch Arc length automatic control drive width size, mm height size, mm
ОКА 18-45 18 - 45 + + - - 152 218
ОКА 40-80 40 - 80 + + - - 200 270
ОКА 70-140 70 - 140 + + + + 321 431
ОКА 120-220 120 - 220 + + + + 420 556



Weld on the tube 28х3

    All welding heads are versatile and have torch position change mechanism and filler wire feed angle change mechanism, so it makes it possible to conduct welding operation of the high variety of welded pieces types.
    DC SAU4.33microprocessor control unit for automatic welding. It is used for joint action with automatic welding heads OKA, with power sources DC200А.33А, DC400.33 and the like.


  • Sectoring of welding zones and the separate assignment of operating modes in each zone are provided. Values of  current and welding voltage, welding rate, wire feed speed, welding torch oscillation velocity, welding torch oscillation amplitude and the like are set.
  • Multipass welding control with assignment of operating modes in each pass is exercised.
  • Complete cycle for argon-arc welding and non-consumable electrode welding is set.
  • Program memory.
  • Keyboard input of all welding parameters by operator and their memory logging.

    DC SАU4.33 operates in continuous, pulse and pulsed step modes.

    Continuous mode presupposes welding with invariable welding current rate. It is preferable for use  while horizontal welding. 
    Pulse mode is characterized by interleaving of welding current pulses of different strength. Controlled parameters in this mode are as follow: pulse current, current interval, pulse time and interval time. Pulse current time and strength are set at the certain rate that is sufficient for welding pool penetration, and prevents sagging of molten metal. Current interval time and strength are set at the rate, that is required for arc maintenance and allows partial solidification of the welding pool (approx 5:40А). Ignition current is set at the rate, that is required for certain arc ignition. Thus, there is a possibility to regulate quantity of heat supplied to the welded part and control weld formation process.
    Pulsed step mode is the most versatile and allows to achieve high weld quality. Characteristic of the operation in this mode is that welding is carried out during the pulse at fixed torch, and torch moving occurs during current interval without filler wire feed.  In other respects, weld cycle in this mode doesn't differ from pulse mode. 

    DC 200А.33А - inverter current source for welding with non-consumable electrode in shield gases (TIG). It is meant for use with automatic welding systems DC SAU4.33, as well as for manual welding with non-consumable electrode in shield gases (TIG).

    DC 200А.33А is reliable and made at a high professional level with the use of the latest advances in welding technologies field. The unit is easy-to-operate and allows to set all welding parameters in digitalized form.

Functional capabilities

  • DC 200А.33А has contact and contactless arc ignition modes at low current.
  • Continuous and pulse modes.
  • 2-cycle and 4-cycle modes.
  • Welding modes memory logging.
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Arc focusing mode (modulation mode) allows to achieve maximum arc focusing, thus making it possible to operate a travel direction and dimensions of welding spot. This mode regulates arc cone and decreases wandering, allowing to simplify welding of corner joints.
  • Controllable current rise and current fall time at completion of welding. Welding current slow rise decreases electrode wear, and current slow fall prevents from crater/strikes.
  • Current and voltage control is performed via digital display, and gas flow control via rotameter.
  • Ignition current control makes it possible to achieve reliable arc ignition and prevent  burning of welded part at the weld starting point as well.
  • Gas blow before weld starting and weld pool blow-off after completion of welding ensure maximum weld pool protection.

DC200А.33А specification

Supply voltage, V 380 ,+10% -15%
Consumed power, кV, max 11
Welding current (continuously adjustible), А 5 - 200
Welding current control discontinuity, А 1
Arc starting method Contact and contactless
Operating mode Continuous and pulse
Modulation frequency at argon arc mode, Hz 300 ± 10
Rated duty OP, % (+20ºС) 100
Category temperature range,°С
    At argon arc welding
    At welding with coated electrode

from - 20 to + 40
from - 40 to + 40
Weight, kg 27
Overall dimensions, mm 220х431х564

    Power sources are equipped with an automatic cut-off function at overheat, absence of one of the supply voltage phases or at supply voltage reduction more than by 15%. Sources specifications do not depend on  mains voltage oscillation.

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