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Solid equipment
for solid work

ADS-1 - Versatile equipment for automatic welding

    Automation is specifically designed for the shipbuilding industry allowing for heavier load condition requirements.
    ADS - 1   Versatile equipment for automatic welding (MIG/MAG). 
         The ADS-1 versatile arc welding device is used for the automatic steel plate, notably for underside flat butted and seam welds with fluxed cored wires and solid cross-section wires in shielded gas, and active gas mixtures.     Automation is used together with an inverter power supply specifically designed for automatic and semiautomatic welding models DS 400.33М, DS400.33.     ADS-1 is factory 2 year warranty..




  • Compact design.
  • 3 independent electric drives:
        -  device motion,
        -  torch fluctuation,
        -  welding wire feed.
  • Automatic tracking of welding bead and  work surface.
  • Fast and accurate repositioning of the torch into angular and perpendicular positions with lever assist.
  • High-power 4-roller feed wire mechanism produced by COOPTIM Ltd., - is used for work in heavy-load industrial conditions. It provides for the feed of solid cross-section wire and flux cored wire diameters from 0.6 to 2.4mm.

    All welding parameters are readily visible on the control panel of the arc welding automation.

  • Slide control of traverse speed, wire feed speed and welding arc voltage.
  • Standard coil diameter is 200mm.
  • Welding is possible within a 30-meter radius of the welder.
  • Built-in shielding gas shut-off valve.
  • "Gas test" and "Wire test" capability.
  • Reinforced cables and torch body.
  • Welding in continuous and discontinuous mode.
Supply voltage, V ~36
Requisite power, kVA, not more than 0,2
Wire feed speed , m/min 1 - 16
Traverse speed of the automation, m/min 0 - 0,9
Amplitude of the torch's transverse oscillation, mm 0 - 12
Oscillation frequency 0,2 - 2
Quantity of feed's rollers 4
Wire diameter, mm
    - solid cross-section
    - -flux cored wire

1,0 – 1,6
1,6 – 2,0
Rated welding current at a load duration -100 %, А 400
Operating temperature range, °С От - 40 до + 40
Mass (nonregistering the mass of a coil with wire), kg 25
Overall dimensions, mm 285х415х680
Distantce to the welding apparatus, m 30


On the panel of a control block:
    1 - Gas test button
    2 - Wire test butto
    3 - "START" button
    4 - "STOP" button
    5 - Power indicator lamp.
    6 - Wire feed speed adjustment
    7 - Traverse speed adjustment
    8 - Torch oscillation frequency adjustment
    9 - Welding voltage trim adjustment
    10 - Torch oscillation amplitude adjustment
    11 – Limit switch the carriage movement


    ADS-1 machine has a special welding regime - interrupted(non continuous) welding seam.


Control panel conteins:
    1 - welding seam length regulator
    2 - pass length regulator
    3 - regime turning on switch


    Automatic welding with a solid section wire Св08Г2С in the protective gas CO2

ris1 ris2 ris3
Automatic welder ADS-1 Flat seam Butted Seam

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Since 1990 the Technotron scientific industrial enterprise has been specializing in elaboration and production of industrial inverting welding equipment for enterprises belonging to the oil and gas sector, power industry, shipbuilding industry, nuclear industry, space engines building industry, mechanical engineering, metal working industry, transportation providers and construction companies.

Besides the production of the standard goods nomenclature the Technotron scientific industrial enterprise also specializes in elaboration of special-purpose equipment adapted for the needs of consumers to the highest degree.

The principle approach of the enterprise includes not only production of welding equipment but also offering a solution to the consumer concerning the “welding” task. This task includes the issues connected with technologies, personnel training, shipment of auxiliary equipment, spare parts and accessories.

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